Skin Care for Dry Skin

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For all you Men and Women out there with extremely rough, dry skin, this Homemade skin care tip will be perfect for you! If you don’t have it already, hit your grocery store and get Sugar + Honey! Combine 1tsp of Sugar with 1tsp of Honey, and gently massage your face then rinse off with warm water. Sugar contains glycolic acid that will help repair damaged skin and smooth out roughness! The Honey will lock in all your natural oils in your skin and keep moisture in for softness!

Another great idea is to purchase the Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser ($36)! Perfect for rough, dry skin. It’s of course, 100% Organic, No Chemicals, & has not been tested on animals! You can purchase this product at Organic Zen Spa! 🙂 stop by today!

Hope this Tip of the Day Helped!